2019 Brews from the Sun Competitor

Thorn Brewing Co.

Our story

There are a ton of reasons to go solar. Tax incentives, crazy electric bills, and dependable energy but the most important reason is for the environment. We have the technology for clean energy, we should all be on a mission towards using it. Responsible businesses should look beyond their bottom line and into contributing to the local community and the larger community, this planet, in any way they can. We are currently in the process of a massive $500k solar installation at our production facility in Barrio Logan, which will power not only our brewery, but a new restaurant and distillery. This commitment came before profits, since some of these businesses are not even active yet. It is not very hard to see, there is no Planet B.

Solar details

Brewery type
Social media
Physical address
3176 Thorn Street
San Diego,California92104
Type of solar system
Solar electric/photovoltaic
Solar system size
19.80 kW
Who installed our solar system
Efficient Solar Services w/ Clayco Electric
Year we went solar
Installed system in 2016