2019 Brews from the Sun Competitor

Atlas Brew Works

Our story

Atlas decided to go solar to further our mission of being good environmental stewards. Our processes use a lot of energy and our large solar array helps minimize our carbon footprint. In addition to using a sustainable energy source for operations, we solely package our beers in aluminum cans since they are 100% recyclable and lighter to ship. This allows us to reduce our use of fossil fuels, be more environment-friendly, and give back to the community and our planet. Atlas guarantees beer drinkers can enjoy a pint or can of fresh, locally crafted beer while supporting sustainability.

Solar details

Brewery type
Social media
Physical address
2052 West Virginia Avenue NE, Suite 102
Washington,District of Columbia20002
Type of solar system
Solar electric/photovoltaic
Solar system size
69 kW
Who installed our solar system
Solar Solution
Year we went solar