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Voting has opened for the 2nd annual Brews from the Sun Competition. This year’s competition is even bigger!

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Vote for as many different breweries as you like. Voting ends June 15th.

Brewpubs — 8 competitors

Per the Brewer's Association: A restaurant-brewery that sells 25 percent or more of its beer on site. The beer is brewed primarily for sale in the restaurant and bar. The beer is often dispensed directly from the brewery’s storage tanks. Where allowed by law, brewpubs often sell beer “to go” and /or distribute to off site accounts. Note: BA re-categorizes a company as a microbrewery if its off-site (distributed) beer sales exceed 75 percent.


Microbreweries — 21 competitors

Per the Brewer's Association: A brewery that produces less than 15,000 barrels (17,600 hectoliters) of beer per year with 75 percent or more of its beer sold off-site. Microbreweries sell to the public by one or more of the following methods: the traditional three-tier system (brewer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer); the two-tier system (brewer acting as wholesaler to retailer to consumer); and, directly to the consumer through carry-outs and/or on-site tap-room or restaurant sales.


Regional breweries — 15 competitors

Per the Brewer's Association: An independent regional brewery with a majority of volume in “traditional” or “innovative” beer(s).


Legal Remedy Brewing Company, SC

Competition details

This spring, solar-powered craft breweries from across the country will compete during 6 weeks of public voting to receive the most votes and be crowned America’s Favorite Solar Craft Brewery of 2019. Solar craft breweries can sign up to participate in the competition through April 30th. Public voting will take place from May 6th - June 15th.

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Last year's competition

41 Solar Craft Breweries from 21 different states competed in the 2018 Brews from the Sun competition. Receiving over 2,000 votes, Mudshark Brewery of Lake Havasu, AZ was crowned America’s Favorite Solar Craft Brewery of 2018. Legal Remedy Brewing of Rock Hill, SC came in a close second place and Flathead Lake Brewing of Big Fork, MT took home third place.

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Mudshark Brewery, AZ

140+ craft breweries have gone solar in the USA

More than 140 craft breweries from 38 different states around the country have installed solar panels to help power their operations. Their solar systems range from 4.2 kW - 2.1 MW in size, and include solar panels installed on warehouse buildings, parking shade structures, farmhouses, ground mounts, and even as the roof of a beer garden!

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What solar-powered breweries are saying…

2018 Winner

Being a part of the Brews from the Sun competition has been a lot of fun! It has given our entire company, from our sales team, servers, bartenders, management and brewers the opportunity to engage with our customers on our sustainability efforts. We have been able to spread the word and encourage others to join us in going solar!

Tina Stocking
Director of Sales & Marketing
Mudshark Brewery

2018 1st Runner-Up

We have had a great experience with the Brews from the Sun Competition - so many people are learning about our use of solar energy... We have even had some local breweries inquire about who we used, how much it saves, etc., which is fantastic! ... It has helped us share the other sustainable efforts we continue to make in our brewpub.

Alex Hubbarth
Marketing & Social Media Manager
Legal Remedy Brewing Company

2018 2nd Runner-Up

It has been really fun to engage our community to rally for their local brewery in this nationwide competition. It has also been a great tool to educate more people on the sustainable aspects of our brewery and why we feel that using solar power is an important aspect of our overall goal of being environmentally responsible.

Sarah Peterson
Marketing Manager
Flathead Lake Brewing Company