2019 Brews from the Sun Competitor

Boulevard Brewing Company

Our story

Embedded deep in our DNA is a profound sense of responsibility for protecting the environment and promoting sustainable business practices. We’re always looking for new ways to reduce our environmental impact, while working to ensure a positive future for our local and global communities. In 2011, we added solar panels on the brewhouse roof, producing enough electricity to power the equivalent of three homes, and installed one of Kansas City’s first electric vehicle charging stations, allowing guests to charge their vehicles while enjoying their time at the brewery.

Solar details

Brewery type
Social media
Physical address
2501 Southwest Boulevard
Kansas City,Missouri64108
Type of solar system
Solar electric/photovoltaic
Solar system size
200 kW
Who installed our solar system
2011 - Cromwell Environmental, 2019 - Artisun Solar
Year we went solar