Your favorite beer, powered by solar energy
Marin Independent Journal, March 5th 2019

To cut costs, more and more breweries are investing in solar power, which not only can reduce monthly energy costs but can also make a significant dent in a brewery’s carbon footprint. Among the trailblazers in this arena is Anderson Valley Brewing Co., in Boonville, which first connected its brewery to solar panels in 2006. By 2016, Anderson Valley was generating 125 kilowatts — 40 percent of the brewery’s energy needs at the time — according to a 2016 listing by the website According to brewmaster Fal Allen, who spoke with me via email, the brewery today is meeting about 43 percent of its electricity needs with its solar panel array.

Mudshark Brewery wins national award
Associated Press, November 3rd, 2018

Mudshark Brewery was officially awarded as America’s favorite solar brewery Friday after winning a national competition put on by the Washington D.C. non-profit Solar United Neighbors.

Mudshark took first out of 41 breweries of all sizes over 21 states participating in the first year of the competition. It was neck-and-neck between Mudshark and Legal Remedy Brewing in South Carolina, but in the end, Mudshark prevailed.

Solar Power Fuels Savings, Consumer Loyalty And Competition Among Craft Brewers
Forbes, June 28th 2018

Craft brewers love to tout their commitment to environmental sustainability. As 21st-century artisans, many bring an earth-first ethos to their work. Those who don’t … well, they know their consumers—especially Millennials—want to support companies that support the planet. This means that well-intentioned claims to responsible environmental stewardship are so ubiquitous in the craft brewing community that they’ve become white noise.

Brews from the Sun competition to crown America’s favorite solar brewery
Solar Power World, May 14th 2018

Solar United Neighbors is now accepting nominations for the 2018 Brews from the Sun Competition. The competition is an opportunity to celebrate the hundreds of craft breweries around the country that are using solar energy to power their beer. Solar supporters and craft beer enthusiasts will have the chance to vote for their favorite brewery that has gone solar.